All internally funded positions are occupied at present. Outstanding researchers interested in our fields of research are welcome to apply for external funding through schemes available at Humboldt foundationDAADMarie Curie IIF. Please contact Prof. Holthausen for further information. 

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20.12.2017 Dr. Helten

Dr. Holger Helten (RWTH Aachen)

Silicon/Boron Exchange Routes to Conjugated Organoboron Oligomers and Polymers
06.12.2017 Dr. Pammer

Dr. Frank Pammer (Univ. Ulm)

Electron-poor N-Heterocycles and N→B-Ladder Boranes as Lead Structures for Organic n-Type Materials
29.11.2017 Prof. Lacôte

Prof. Emmanuel Lacôte (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - CNRS()

New opportunities at the inorganic/organic interface:
NHC-Boranes and Organopolyoxometalates

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